What value is a list, and what is FranksList all about?

Lists help us organize what needs to be done. Lists help us remember important items and issues that should be completed.

Honesty and Truth

Here at FranksList we are on a constant search for truth, much as an explorer relies on a compass finding North, we are about listing those things that are of value, truthfully and honestly.

While everyone probably has a different answer, let’s start with a basic set of lists that help us establish what is valuable, in fact, let’s start with some lists of values so we can clarify what is really important, moment by moment.

What Values Do We Have?

We can establish our value proposition by recognizing a set of standards for what we do. As an example, we can decide that we want to provide the best level of service or communication possible to those we interact with on a daily basis, no matter if it is at work or in more informal settings.

Values 2
FranksList of Values

A question of who we are can be related to the value we place on morals or ethics as shown through our actions. Do we choose to do the “right” thing, not just for ourselves, but for others.

Another value we have is related to our ideals. In other words, how do we envision a “perfect” world and what are we doing to assist in creating that world.

After considering the above values, we should be able to arrive at a set of principles that form a foundation for our beliefs and actions, with a proper assessment of how we make a difference to those around us.

Value of Life

Even though there are attempts by economists, scientists, politicians, and others to place a value on the lives of individuals, the reality is that the value of our life if priceless. Without life, we have nothing, no matter how much we have been able to accumulate.

Our life provides the sensory interaction and recognition of all that exists.

Understanding our Personal Values (what is driving us) assists us in creating a life based on a more realistic perception of what we are about, and how our actions impact the lives of others. Our interaction with others forms the basis for community.

The basis for understanding the Values of Community is in forming an appreciation for how we can create greater survival strength for our group. We form groups, partnerships, teams and greater communities with those who share common values. We can amplify our survival success through joining with others who exercise commonly shared values.

While it is essential for our own personal survival to recognize the value of community, it is critical to recognize the Values in Nature that represent the universe beyond our species. Without the life-giving elements provided to us from the natural world, there would be no life. So, we need to value all life and protect the environment in which we live, if we and our community are to survive.

A very basic component to our survival is having a home that can not only shelter us from the harsh elements of nature but also provide a base from which we can enjoy and protect what our values have created for us and those close to us.

So how do we best find and establish our sense of place, community and home in the physical universe? Places for communities and our personal homes are based on principles of real estate as related to land and buildings. What are the values to be found in our relationship to our place of residence and basic value concepts around real estate?

The market value of real estate is always changing:

Home Values 77 Percent Higher in Zip Codes With Good Schools…

63 markets have reached new all-time home price peaks.

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